Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Matthew

Happy Birthday Matthew!  Him and his requested monkey cake for his birthday.  For this birthday dinner he requested hard boiled eggs, blueberries, and fried chicken.  

 Matthew opening his new scooter for his birthday.

Matthew had a few friends over for a birthday party.  We played water games and played in the pool in the back yard.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Joe's Trip to Boston & NY

Copely Cemetery

Boston Massacre
Downtown Boston
Where Paul Revere and other met
Old Famous Church w/ Paul Revere Statue
Paul Revere's House
Boston Bombing Site

Window Washers Broken Thingy
Window Washers at the top of the glass building

9-11 Memorial
New York Stock Exchange
Da Bull
I had a trip business trip to Boston & New York, with my boss Paula & our trading manager Ritchie, during the second week of June. In Boston I went to a conference on Monday & Tuesday.

Monday night I had a free night and I knew rain was coming, so I booked it for downtown Boston to see some sights along the Freedom Trial. I was halfway done when it started to rain and was was a couple of miles from my hotel. When I got back I was soaked.

Tuesday I spent all day at the conference and then the conference took us to a nice Italian restaurant where I sat next to some Swedish people. They were really nice and funny. The guy I sat next to said they went to a Mexican restaurant and it was ok. The lady with them said no it wasn't and the guy didn't want to talk about it, but I insisted they did. Come to find out he has worms in his meal and they weren't tequila worms.

Ritchie didn't make it down to see the sights in Boston and I had to hurry the last half, so we got up around 5:30 am to walk around before our flight to NY that morning. We walked around for 2 1/2 hours then went to the airport where our plane was delayed due to technical difficulties. Someone before I flight broke the overhead bin. We finally got on the plane and then it got delayed again, because President Obama was landing and went right past our plane. We finally made it to NY 2 1/2 hours later then we expected. Ritchie's wife was there and they had tickets to Letterman. They invited Paula & I, so we got on the wait list. We had an hour and a half to kill, so we got dinner and walked around. While walking around we saw where the window washers thingy had broken and how high up there where. When we got back to Letterman Paula smiled at some lady and she offered us two tickets to the Broadway Show Wicked. We could not turn those down, so we got free tickets to Wicked, 4th row from the stage in the middle next to the aisle. It was awesome and just as good as when I saw it in Omaha. We did have a couple of hours to kill before the show, so we walked around some more, but this time in Time Square.

Thursday we had meetings. Bank of America feed us lunch. I had a crab cake (awesome!) and a Kobe Burger (nothing special). Paula then asked them where a good place to eat dinner was. They said don't worry about it we will take you to dinner. In between lunch and dinner we went and saw the 9/11 memorial, the Statue of Liberty (closed due to Hurricane Sandy), NYSE, and 'Da Bull. It started pouring, so we took the subway. Ritchie was guiding us to the restaurant once we got off and got us lost, so by the time we got to the restaurant our shoes got soaked. The umbrellas could only do so much. We then had dinner and it was really good. They got us a seafood platter with clam, oysters, shrimp, prawns, crab, and some other stuff. I then had a lobster roll and it was amazing.

Our Friday meeting got cancelled, so I got up and I wanted to find where the Today show was, so I walked around until I found it. There were a ton of people and I was at the back of a stage. I asked the Policeman who was playing and it was Maroon 5 and he said they were coming out in about 15 min's. I had to walk all the way around the block (and it wasn't a short block) to get to the front of the stage. I got there a few seconds after they came out, but I had a decent spot where I could see and hear them. They played 4 1/2 songs (sound problems). When that was over I started heading back to the hotel to meet up with the others when I happened upon another concert for the Fox Morning Show. I caught the last 15 seconds, but they said they would be out for 1 more song. I asked who it was and it was Foreigner. Of course I had to stay. I could see them behind the stage, so I got some pictures (on phone) and then they came out and, so I got an awesome spot next to the side of the stage (only 1 person in front of me). After the songs they threw out picks. Some didn't make it so a stage hand picked them up and handed them to people. I was one of the lucky ones to get one. I then made it back to the hotel and met up with the others. We packed our stuff and then came home.

It was a great trip and the conference/meetings were good too :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A little of May

 William's end of the year Kindergarten graduation and program.
 Kindergarten graduation.  That's right this boy is now a First Grader!  Way to Go William!
 Matthew in his end of the year preschool program
 William, Matthew, and Matthew's preschool teach Miss Whitcomb.  She was AMAZING!!!
Matthew Fishing Memorial Day weekend 
 Kyle Fishing Memorial Day Weekend
William Fishing Memorial Day Weekend
 Brad fishing Memorial Day Weekend
Kyle with his fish
William and Matt playing with the worms
William and Kyle showing off William's fish
Emily chilling with Mom while the boys fish on Memorial Day
Matthew Played his first season of soccer.  He did great!
William played one of his favorite sports soccer again this spring.  He did amazing.  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Name that Kid

Who do you think this is?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hail Storm


Last Friday we got hit by almost golf ball size hail, which lasted for a couple min's. They would hit the patio and just shatter. The last picture shows the divots they made in the yard. Our skylight got broken, the vents on the roof got broken and out roof got torn up. All in all it was impressive. We had never seen a hail storm like that before.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

We have been doing a little of this and a little of that

 Brad did a great job in his concert for school   He plays the trumpet.

 Kyle, William, Brad and Emily
 Brad and William Wrestling
 We went to a grand opening for a cupcake place.  The boys got their faces painted.  The look great!