Sunday, November 4, 2012



Bob's fish was too small & too big.

First Paddlefish of the day. Too small.
Joe's keeper 34 1/2 " long from eye to fork in tail.
Joe & his two keepers.
Joe & Dad went snagging for Paddlefish up at Gavin's Point while Brad & Kyle tagged along. The snagged gar, catfish, carp and paddlefish. Joe snagged 3 Paddlefish in all. One was too small, one was too big and the third was just right. You can't keep a Paddlefish that is between 35" & 45" from the eye to the fork in the tail. Dad's Paddlefish was 40" long, so he had to let it go. They all had fun and we enjoyed Joe's Paddlefish, which Joe cooked for our Sunday meal.

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